Handbag Healthy Snacks: Nairn's Oatcakes

Handbag Healthy Snacks: Nairn's Oatcakes

We’ve all been there, nervously scouring the aisles for a quick energy boost. When energy levels are depleted and hunger hits it seems that express supermarkets only seem to sell sandwiches, chocolates and crisps. Its hard to know what to keep in your handbag to keep hunger at bay, and let’s face it nuts - though super nutritious - make you feel sick when you inevitably eat too many.

As a busy working mum, I’m always looking for new ways to hack my energy, keep trim and keep my hands off the snack aisles.

Nairn’s oatcakes have long been a favourite in my Chelsea household. They are high in fibre, a super source of protein and are easily stacked up with salmon and caviar for a quick snack, tomato mozzarella and pesto, or guacamole making an indulgent yet healthy snack. We are particular fans of the Nairn’s Fine Milled and the Nairn’s Organic Super Seeded oatcakes.


They have recently come out with a new naturally energising ‘Ancient Grain’ oatcake which includes Rye. Amaranth and Quinoa containing energy boosting vitamins B and C, these can be easily packed into your handbag supplying you with a high-fibre hit.

Each Nairn’s box separates its oatcakes into small plastic pouches giving you just the right number of cakes cover you in between meals in a busy day.

And best of all for those of us who cannot handle blander snacks, Nairn’s also has a range of sweeter more biscuity oatcakes such as the Coconut and Chia - which must be tried with a cup of tea - Mixed Berries and of course Dark Chocolate Chip…

Nairn’s Ancient Grain Oatcakes are available at Waitrose for £1.39

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