Meet Michelle Zelli: London’s Luxe Life Coach

Meet Michelle Zelli: London’s Luxe Life Coach

'If a love interest gives you the chills, that’s not lust or romance, that’s your body telling you they are dangerous, if you feel that, walk the other way.'


This was the first of many thought-provoking statements made by feminist life-coach Michelle Zelli during her two-hour masterclass on “Boundaries, Heathy Love & Real Self Love” on July 25.

Taking place among the inspirational light installations in conceptual artist Lauren Baker’s Covent Garden studio, guests were invited to a curated programme on how to create healthy and positive boundaries in life relationships.

Often in high-end London locations including the Corinthia Hotel and The Ned, her events cater to luxury loving women and fellow wellness influencers who feel caught between a love of the high life and seeking spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Michelle is here to remind them they can have both. Coming from a highly successful corporate background herself, Zelli’s approach to life changing decisions differs from the virtuous mantras of other coaches who can alienate their clients into thinking they are not ‘doing enough’ to change.

As a life coach to A-list celebrities and international executives, Michelle believes that her patients can ‘design their own couture life’ through intention setting and the conscious practicing of these intentions. Zelli’s latest workshop marks the start of this new series where she provides real life advice and interacts directly with the audience in order to answer their own questions. “The idea is to get to the bottom of why that person is there”, says Zelli.

Michelle only partly prepares for her events. Starting with a brief synopsis of how she came to be a life-coach (expect tales of cage-fighters, wolf-of-wall-street hedonism, playboy bunnies, and a breakdown that she calls her ‘breakthrough’) Zelli gives the audience a series of life hacks including how to set your own boundaries with a friend, family member, or love-interest, and to spot someone who lacks them.

She allows for as much audience engagement as possible by encouraging guests to ask questions or to change the topics discussed as and when they want. This is not Michelle leading the event, instead she uses her personal stories and advice to bring the audience out of their shell, allowing them to dictate the movement and tone of the programme.

Michelle opens up about the way she establishes healthy boundaries in her own life. This includes allocated “me time” that is tailored to her own enjoyments. She makes clear that her self-care rituals do not follow a blueprint and that everyone should have their own.

Although the idea of self-care may sound simple, it has to applied and organised in advance, she reminds us. “I try to schedule 'me time' in advance. Remember, self-esteem starts with self-respect, the minimum of which is good self care. For me that includes an evening or two a month going out with my girlfriends and making sure I get out in nature daily, that’s just what works for me, for you it may be different”.

Michelle’s belief is that establishing boundaries in one’s life is anything but constrictive. In fact, it’s those without boundaries who live the most emotionally limiting lives. By imposing healthy boundaries on dysfunctional romantic, social and familial relationships, your own wellbeing is improved, making you feel less anxious and more in control of your own life, she adds.

'The reason the other person may get angry when you try to impose a boundary is not because they think you’re being cruel, or boring or whatever label they try to through at you, it’s because they have no boundaries themselves, and don’t want you to impose one and end their chaos.'

Imposing healthy boundaries can also scale down contagious aggression and conflict, she tells the audience. “Imposing a boundary can hurt or irritate the boundaryless recipient, and they may lash out in anger or aggression. This can lead to you mirroring their emotions, they are hurt, so you feel hurt or guilty or sad, which is unhelpful.”

“ Instead, remember that you are not responsible for their feelings, only your own. Communicate the reasons why you are imposing a boundary on the relationship in the first place. It’s about imposing healthy limits on how you interact with that person.”

She tells the audience how lack of boundaries can have particularly dangerous consequences in romantic relationships.“This can vary from accepting a lover who replaces emotional intimacy with high sexual intensity, leading to toxic ‘love addiction’, to acquiescing to a physically violent relationship. What’s the common denominator to it all? A lack of personal boundaries and going  along the chaotic journey of the other person without checking yourself”, Zelli reminds us.

Based on her mantra of “igniting curiosity and inviting change”, her live-coaching sessions are direct without being brutal. Able to read the emotions of a guest by their posture, she can quickly tell who wants to share and talk.

Delivered with a warmth that allows people to open up easily, no wonder her messages of wisdom and support have earnt her the title of “fairy godmother” in the luxury wellness scene.

Catch Michelle at the following events in August:

 15th August – The Ned

The Fulfilment Factor

Michelle Zelli International Life Coach, Speaker & Human Potentialist invites you to an evening of self-discovery.

Because even the most successful people often feel there is something missing in life. That niggling doubt ‘Is this all there is?” is more common than you may think.

Join us at The Ned Members Club for two hours of powerful, potent and pragmatic life hacks designed for you to use with ease.

This is an invitation-only event, where Michelle share's a little of her own journey, offering you precise and practical help … You can expect no-nonsense, all-access, leading edge coaching on how to change your patterns from the inside out. All questions welcome.


22nd August – The Allbright

Millionaire Lifestyle, Spiritual Mindset.
Michelle Zelli, International Life Coach, Speaker & Human Potentialist invites you to an evening of self-discovery.

Join us at this exclusive event at The Allbright Members Club where Michelle shares the secrets to having it all.

How to step up without selling out.

Align material goals with your spiritual values.

Cultivate a higher vibe, higher wealth and higher consciousness.

MZ keeps it real for you to take into your world.

Experience an evening of immersion designed to guide you into creating your best life.





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