The Sound of Summer

The Sound of Summer

Looking for portable speaker loud enough to cut through outdoor noise with a battery life that can last for days and days? Libratone has the answer to our Summer picnic dreams.

Its always the same problem, iff someone has miraculously managed to remember to bring a bluetooth speaker to the picnic, it usually run out of battery before the fun has truly begun. Then we inevitably turn to drawing straws to see which poor soul will have to run their smartphone battery down in the name of dissapointingly tinny music.

Libratone have solved our outdoor speaker woes with the superbly designed Libratone GO speaker range, offering speakers versatile enough to look swanky by the pool as well as add style to your living room.

I personally tried out these speakers both at home and at picnics in the park with friends and they were a big hit. No one could resist playing with the very tactile and satisfying glass dial and everyone was impressed with the way the volume cut through the wind and outdoor noises.


The Libratone ONE, available in popping and fashionable colours Cerise Red, Caribbean Green, Graphite Grey and Cloudy Grey, comes in the shape and size of an average book. A space-saving design, at home it slips neatly into a bookcase with the whole of surface area, front and back, emitting 360 degree 'full room' deep bass-heavy sound.

The high design and functionality comes into play with the rubber framing which loops together in a corner hook allowing easy portability. A simple light up glass touchdial - featuring the very sweet Libratone canary logo - controls the volume, pauses and plays and initiates bluetooth pairing as well as adding a luxurious finish to the already smart speaker.


The Libratone TOO is the lighter, more compact speaker in the range. Available in the same popping and classic colours, with a similar rubber loop which allows you to carry it around by one finger, this speaker features the exact same specification of the ONE but with a more youthful, fun and portable design complete with the light-up glass touch dial.  

Both speakers are splashproof, feature 10 hours + of battery life (I have very rarely had to charge the speakers), charge by a hidden USB slot and most importantly are able to use in conjunction with the Libratone app.

Perhaps my favourite feature, the Libratone App allows seamless pairing for up to 3 Libratone devices – Meaning you can simultaneously have your music playing in different rooms your house with that incredible 360 degree sound.

In fact the connectivity on these is wonderful, once paired these speakers automatically pair again and again without any problems. I have had many problems with bluetooth speakers in the past that refuse to find or pair with my other devices, or even worse refuse unpair - resulting in much frustration. Do not fear, Libratone have very much come up with a professional, error free product.

There's something very vibrant, versatile and three dimensional about these speakers. Somehow combining classic and futuristic design, they make the perfect additions to home decor while being portable and durable enough to throw in your bag or carry by the handle.

Make no mistake, despite their size these speakers are loud but also have the clarity of sound one would associate with a Bose or another ultra-high quality soundsystem.


Libratone GO speaker range:
ONE Style: £139, TOO: £109  

Available now from and John Lewis & Amazon

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