Introducing: 'The Little Blue Door'

Introducing: 'The Little Blue Door'

Socialites, Celebrities and Friends of Prince Harry welcome The Little Blue Door to Fulham

Henry Conway attends the launch of the  Little Blue Door , Fulham

Henry Conway attends the launch of the Little Blue Door, Fulham

Last Thursday socialite Henry Conway welcomed guests to the official launch of The Little Blue Door, Fulham. The immaculately bejewelled confidante of Prince Harry welcomed the hot young things of Fulham and Chelsea to what will soon be the go-to party destination for South-West Londoners.

A sexy new version of its sister venue, Notting Hill’s Little Yellow Door that is currently under
renovation, its sloanier counterpart on the Fulham Road promises to be the dinner, drinks and
dancing triple threat the well-heeled residents of the borough need for their extended weekends.

Promising dinner and debauchery from Wednesday evening right through to Sunday; the Little Blue Door looks set to be the nightlife destination for hot young things in need of some
respite from the gastropubs that dominate the area.

The brand’s formula for creating a memorable flat-share/houseparty vibe with the added glamour of zesty cocktails, mix-your-own beverages served in pirate chests, and fun and fresh food continues in its new location. The new venue is given a distinctly ‘Fulham & Chelsea’ makeover with a chic black and white tiled entrance hall, duck-egg blue walls, as well as resident miniature canine guardian who greets guests as they slip through its iconic blue door.

Inside, guests can choose from a excitingly varied frozen cocktail bar in a cosier kitchen style setting to a moodily lit sitting room next door that serves tea cocktail creations to the more traditional but no less appropriate glasses of champagne.


Among the special guests at the launch was flame haired Sky News journalist Sarah Jane Mee as well as some well-heeled and glamorous exes of the then soon-to-be-wedded Prince. Situated opposite the Durell Arms, a pub famously frequented by Prince Harry in his younger bachelor days, it is no surprise that Conway, a close friend of Harry himself, celebrated the Royal Wedding in style at the Little Blue Door on his friend’s wedding day.

On Saturday, guests were treated to an all day brunch where food and drink was carrot themed in celebration of Harry’s famous red hair and fiery persona. From lowly lit tapas ‘date-nights’ on Wednesday to full on wild and raucous house parties throughout the weekend afternoons and evenings, the Little Blue Door looks set to be the destination to suit every party loving socialite in South-West London.

The Little Blue Door
871-873 Fulham Rd

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