Review: SmileLab teeth whitening

Review: SmileLab teeth whitening

Healthy Chelsea & Wise was sent SmileLab's complete 14-day program of their ethically-sound advanced teeth whitening strips.


These days teeth-whitening is as common place as getting one's nails done. But a trip to see a Zoom! specialist can be time-consuming and costly. SmileLab offers the elusive 'quick fix', with enamel-safe teeth whitening strips that reveal a brighter, whiter smile in 30 minutes. 

Desiring a Hollywood smile myself, I decided to give these teeth whitening strips a go - despite being unimpressed with other brands such as Crest... However SmileLab breaks the mold with their peroxide, SLS, triclosan and cruelty free product which also donates 10% of all profits to the Pink Ribbon foundation. Not to mention they are vegan friendly. YES, they are vegan friendly.

The kit comes with 15 double strips, which you apply to both the top and bottom sets of teeth. They are easy to apply and not too fiddly, with a very obvious sticky side to be applied directly to your teeth.

Some advice: try to make sure the strip isn't touching your gums too much as I did receive some irritation on my lower gum line. However this cleared within a couple of days.

After 30 minutes the strips are to be peeled off, leaving behind a thick gel layer attached to your teeth which is easily brushed off revealing dazzlingly whiter teeth. At first I was suprised that smilelab did not include a tooth colour chart to track the difference. However, after just one 30 minute strip the improvement was so obvious that I would have disposed with the chart anyway. It seems SmileLab's results are so great that a colour chart simply isn't needed.

Rather than complete the full 14 day program, I now choose to apply these confidence-boosting strips before special events. Since my teeth are already fairly white, these strips have become incredibly useful to add a quick brighten and sparkle. For those who are looking to invest in laser-teeth-whitening and are skeptical of Smilelab's abillity to lift the colour of darker yellow-stained teeth, I would really suggest you give them a chance.

The great thing about these strips is that you can control how white you want to go. There's no need to complete the full 14-day program if you've acheived your desired whiteness in just a week, and there's no chance you'll be stuck with the dreaded 'chiclet teeth' as you might do after a 45-minute overzealous Zoom! session

A quick word on packaging. Within the simple pink and white branded kit is enclosed a small white leather-look and pink metal strip case, much like a business card carry case. This is great to keep on your bedside table or on the bathroom counter and conveniently is branding-free for those who prefer a no-fuss minimalist bathroom.

SmileLab's 14-day program is available to buy from Boots here for just £28.50.


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