BP have teamed up with The School of Life to explore 'me time' - a term recently added to the Oxford dictionary - and its increasing importance in our lives. As they launch new revolutionary BPme app (available on the App Store and Google Play now), which aims to free up time in our busy day-to-day schedules.

BP have launched their new timesaving app BPme which aims to make refuelling quicker and easier than ever. The new app allows you to pay swiftly and securely from your car (within the app) with your card, and also features a handy location map pinpointing your nearest BP stations.

Incredibly simple to use, BPme saves time at the pump and is especially useful for busy mums who are reluctant to leave the children in the car whilst they go in-store to pay.


You can even connect your Nectar account, view transaction history and receipts, as well as offset carbon emissions caused from driving through BP’s Target Neutral programme for less than the price of a coffee, all from within the app. Getting rid of the need to queue up at the gas station and risk purchasing unhealthy snacks!

Interestingly, the research from BP, commissioned to mark the launch of BPme, shows that almost half of Brits (47%) aged 21-55 have less time for themselves than they had three years ago, while 67% say this lack of personal me time makes them more stressed and causes them to feel ‘down’ more often.

44% said they have less than half an hour a day to spend on themselves and almost a fifth have 10 minutes or less. Even just an additional 10 minutes a day would make a real difference to mental wellbeing, research reveals.

BP and emotional intelligence experts The School of Life have produced an academic white paper [which is fantastic and you should read here] solely dedicated to understanding the concept of me time, the value it has and the negative impact a lack of it can cause.

“It’s tempting to think of me time as a luxury. By convincing ourselves we can do without it, we might believe that we can get more done. We skip our favourite riverside walk; we postpone our get-together with a friend to work through lunch.
“But me time is not a conditional reward that we can only allow ourselves if we prove our effectiveness in the world. Me time is crucial for preserving our health, our prosperity, our relationships – and for nurturing a deeper understanding of our place in the world. Making space for it is critical in the long term.”
- The School of Life

Here are some interesting findings from the report

  • 36% of respondents felt that me time is fundamental to their happiness
  • 40% said they really notice a difference to their mental wellbeing when they lack the time to spend on themselves
  • Brits sacrifice time for themselves first (62%) versus just 11% who sacrifice work commitments
  • 44% have even put their health at risk and cancelled a doctor or dentist appointment due to lack of time in their day
  • 47% admitted that they have less patience and become snappy to those around them when they haven’t had me time during the day
  • 45% said they can’t concentrate on daily tasks and their general outlook on life tended to become more negative.
  • Almost a quarter of Brits have moved house to be closer to work to give them more time to spend on themselves and tackle the pressures of trying to maintain a work/life balance
  • A fifth of those surveyed also admitted they had taken a sick day just to catch up and have a moment to deal with their to do list.

Do you struggle with work/life balance? Or perhaps you have a few time-saving life-hacks that you would like to share. Get in touch in the comments below




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